Links To Limburg, Netherlands

  "A Tale of Two Villages: Broekhuizen en Broekhuizenvorst" by Ton Clevis.
This is a wonderful website for these two cities in the former Gemeente of Broekhuizen, Limburg, Netherlands. They are now a part of a newly formed Gemeente called Horst aan de Maas. Ton also has a list of people who left these cities for America.
  GenLias, the Netherlands State Archives' Genealogical Search Program.
You will have to register to use the program, (and be sure to save your user code so you don't have to do that every time) but the program is free. It is a wonderful undertaking by the archives.
  Bittmann and Davis Family Genealogy
Check out the Lyda Clara Schneider Ancestors File for information on the CARIS/KARIS family and related lines
  French Revolutionary Calendar Conversion Chart
During the time of the French occupation of the Netherlands by Napolean, all the records were written in French and used a different calendar. This site has a wonderful conversion chart to help you know the actual date.
  André Dumont's list of genealogy words found on old documents
This wordlist of genealogy words that you may find on Dutch documents lists words from Old Dutch, Latin, French, and German that may all be found in the old documents. There is next to it a word/words in modern Dutch that may help you locate the word in present day Dutch dictionaries. This can be a big help. One of my major problems was not being able to find the old words in my present day dictionary.
  Hanz en Henriette Meulenbroeks Genealogy Site
On this site they have included a very nice list of Latin words translated to Dutch, and another list of Old Dutch words that are also listed with the modern equivalent.
This is another translator with a choice of languages.
  Maps of the Netherlands
Wonderfully detailed maps of all the Gemeentes of the Netherlands. The site is in Dutch, but easy to figure out how to see the maps. I could not figure out their download instructions, so wound up just e-mailing them to myself. This worked fine.
  Dutch 101
A nice site with many helpful Dutch words broken up into categories.
  Learn Dutch
Basic lessons in Dutch that include the sound of the words. A wonderful free introduction to basic Dutch.
  More Dutch Maps
Another site to look for Dutch maps.
  Internet Gemeente Guide-Book of Limburg
Interesting site with pictures of places in Limburg. The site is all in Dutch, but by poking around you can find out many things.
  Language site about Limburgish
It seems that a lot of people in the Province of Limburg speak Limburgish, which technically speaking is a dialect of Dutch. This interesting site will give you more details.
A site in English with the history of some interesting old churches and buildings. Has many pictures.
  Dutch in 10 Lessons
More lessons in basic Dutch.
  Lottum's Rose Festival
Lottum is a village of roses. Many roses are grown there. Every 2 years they have a festival. The next one will be in August of 2004.
  Sevenum (H.H. Fabianus en Sebastianus



  Temperature Converter
Use this page to convert fahrenheit temperatures to celsius and vice versa



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