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Wilhelmus van der WIELEN and Aldegonda JANSSEN

This picture was taken in DePere, Wisconsin, and sent back to Holland. The family who still has it did not know who it was. But, after a trip to De Pere, Wisconsin in the summer of 2004 it has been identified.

I met my cousins from Holland in De Pere and thanks to a lot of really wonderful people who all joined us in the search for the identity of these people, we found not only who they were , but a multitude of new relatives. After we arrived in De Pere we decided to go to the newspaper office and tell them our story. They thought it would be a good idea to print them in the paper in a section called "Back in Time". Arrangements were made to have an interview with the author of that section and she wrote up our story and printed the pictures. (See article here) Then the fun began! Many people recognized the pictures and called the paper. Arrangements were made for us to meet in the Brown County Library to talk about the pictures. It turned out that almost all of these people were related to Wilhelmus van der WIELEN and his first wife Hendrica van LIESHOUD/LIESHOUT and their daughter Petronella/Nellie who married Albert EBBEN.(See follow up article here)

Wilhelmus van der WIELEN and Aldegonda JANSSEN

(Probably a wedding picture)

Original of unknown picture.
Enhanced version of unknown picture.

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