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Picture of Willis Family about 1910
Willis Family 1910

Top Row:   Edwin Rumbold Willis,  Frank Henry Willis,Jr.,  Francis Asbury Willis,Sr.,  LeRoy Willis,
 Harvey Howell Willis

Middle Row:   May Willis, wife of Edwin, holding Mabel Willis;   Theresa A. Stutzback "Rosie" Willis, wife of Frank,Jr. holding son Frank 3rd;   Mary Lucinda Hubbard "Aunt Lou" Todd, sister of Sarah Elmer Willis;   Mildred Hopkins Willis, sister of Harvey Howell and daughter of Lila P. Willis  
Sarah Elmer Hubbard Willis, wife of Francis Asbury Willis;   Mary Eliza Patchett "Lila" Willis, wife of Harvey Hubard Willis (deceased), holding Francis Virginia Willis daughter of LeRoy and Effie S. Ransone Willis;  
Bottom row:   Emma Ransone, sister of LeRoy's wife Effie;   Marion Willis, daughter of Frank and Rosie;   Ester Willis, daughter of Frank and Rosie;  
Ruth Willis, daughter of Frank and Rosie  
Date Taken: About 1910
Place Taken: Washington Street house - Easton, Maryland

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