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L. Roy Willis
TB Sanatorium, Sabillasville, MD
Winter 1916/1917

Picture of  L. Roy Willis, TB Sanatorium Sabillasville, Frederick County, Maryland
L. Roy Willis, TB Sanatorium Sabillasville, Frederick County, Maryland
Picture of  L. Roy Willis, TB Sanatorium
L. Roy Willis, TB Sanatorium
A kind friend who was at the Sabillasville Sanatorium in the 1940's wrote this to me after seeing the pictures:
Thanks very much for the pictures. They are very familiar. We use to take a one gallon crock jug, fill it with hot water and put under the covers at the foot of our beds prior to going to bed. The hot water jug warmed the bed for us before we got in. The ice on the trees limbs are familar. We slept out in the open. If it snowed through the night we woke up with our beds covered with snow. The one picture shows the beds in the background, which we rolled out where they are sitting at night.
While L. Roy Willis was at the TB Sanatorium he decided to use his time to write a 10 page article for the Baltimore American Newspaper. At the present time I do not know if it was ever published, but I do have the rough draft in an envelope like articles are sent to a newspaper. Roy had for a number of years been a newspaper reporter for the Associated Press, and had been sent all up and down the Eastern seaboard. In fact it was while he was covering the Jamestown Exposition in Virginia that he met and later married his first wife Effie Singleton Ransone.
You may see and read the actual article by clicking here (Large scans may be slow to load)

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