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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 10 January 1732
Recorded 13 February 1734
Liber HB-2, Folio 181

Wife: Mary
Son: Robert - land called "Hooks Hills Addition"
Daughter: Ann
Daughter: Mary

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 20 July 1736
Recorded 30 July 1736
Liber 21, Folio 630

Daughter: Ann
Daughter: Mary
Daughter: Sarah
Brother: Edward Nealle and
Brother: Park Webb- Ex.

Witnesses: John Quinn, William Ardery, George Bush

Last Will and Testament
Made 18 Dec. 1831
Recorded 29 December 1831
Talbot County Maryland
Liber JP-8, Folio 476

Mentions Wife: Tamsey Willis

Last Will and Testament
Made 25 July 1824
Recorded 23 April 1839
Talbot County Maryland
Liber JP-9, Folio 130

Wife: Margaret Willis
Sons: William B. Willis and John Willis, Jr. - Divide house

It is my will that the whole of my estate in Caroline Co., consisting of three tracts of land, viz. "Willis's Regulation", "Addition to Willis's Regulation", and "Willis's Grove" as also the balance of my estate both real and personal shall be equally divided between my other children to wit, daughters Sarah, Nancy, Margaret H., and Elizabeth. Sons, William B., Charles F., Kitty and Nicholas.

Last Will and Testament
Made 9 September 1864
Recorded 12 September 1864
Talbot County Maryland
Liber TNC-11, Folio 109

Charles R. Willis and Annie Willis all property and one bead and clothing.
Wm. Everngim set of silver spoons
Thomas A. Willis one bury lot in Baltimore Sematry.
Mary Jane Whitaker one bury lot in Baltimore Sematry
Wm. T. Kelly collect and pay off debts.

John R. Stack
Albert K. Stack

Last Will and Testament
Made 4 April 1871
Recorded 20 February 1873
Talbot County Maryland
Liber TNC-12, Folio 53

Brother: Charles F. Willis - who died 13 August 1851 in the West.
Brother: Nicholas Willis
Georgie Hulth Willis, oldest daughter of Nicholas
Laura Willis, 2nd daughter of Nicholas
Sister: Elizabeth Robinson

Last Will and Testament
Made 26 September 1872
Codicil added 2 July 1875
Recorded 14 September 1875
Talbot County Maryland
Liber TNC-12, Folio 79

Wife of William B. Willis deceased
Grandchildren who are infant children of deceased daughter Margaret Ellen Beall
Son-in-law: AAlexander E. Beall of Oxford Neck
Daughter: Elizabeth S. Lightbourn
Son-in-law: James H. Lightbourn
Other children of Mary - Jonathan S. Willis, Thomas, William, and Sarah B. Willis
Mollie mentioned as one of Margaret Beall's daughters.

Gave Granchildren mortgages on farm in Oxford Neck help by Alexander E. Beall - also reserving for use of heirs a family cemetery on farm not to be sold to anyone.

Last Will and Testament
Made 28 December 1888
Recorded 2 July 1889
Talbot County Maryland
Liber EHR-13, Folio 424

Wife: Mary Ann
Oldest son: James H. Willis
2nd son: Samuel P. Willis
3rd son: Charles R. B. Willis
Only daughter: Mary M. Willis
Grandson: James McKenny Willis
Granddaughter: Sophia D. Willis
Granddaughter: Caroline Davenport Willis
Great-grandson: James Willis Stewart

Last Will and Testament
Made 8 January 1887
Recorded 20 Marh 1899
Talbot County Maryland
Liber EHR-15, Folio 173

Children: S. Kate Willis, Walter N. Willis, Charles F. Willis, Georgie Hulth Willis, and Albert B. Willis

Mentions a Legacy from estate of Catherine Denny Final Settlements 18 July 1887

Last Will and Testament
Made 4 March 1912
Recorded 16 December 1913
Talbot County Maryland
Liber CRW-18, Folio 276

Wife: Marietta Willis
Daughter: Sophia D. Ritter
Daughter: Mary V. Stewart
Son: Edward Harrison Willis
Son: Philemon A. Willis
Daughter: Nellie Parsins Willis
Brother: James McKenny Willis
Sister: Caroline Davenport Willis

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