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JOHN WALLIS, Sr. Late of Ireland and now Manokin River
Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 3 July 1685
The Probate of this Will is intered in Mr. Brownes returns in the Booke of proceedings in this office for this year. 1685
Hall of Records, Original Wills
Box W, # 4

Wife: Jane Wallas
Nephew: John Wallas, Jun.

Gives 1/2 money to wife and 1/2 to John Wallas, Jr., William Stevenson, Mathew Wallis and James Wallis.
Gives wife 3 servants:
     Robert Willson for 5 years
     Jane Patton for 5 years
     Honor Granokan for 2 years
From the time of the arrival of the good ship called Mount Joy of Londonderry to the end of the particular said terms

"It is my will and desire that William Patton, Allen Ross and Gennet Wallis shall be free and at their own disposall albeit any other bargain or ingagement betwixt me or them formerly made or done to all which sid particulars herein specified."

Witnesses: Robert King, Allen Ross

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 11 August 1715
Recorded 21 March 1716/17
Liber 14, Folio 280

Wife: Elizabeth Willis
John Coleburne - no relationship shown - Ex. 150A of land called "Amity"

Witnesses: Sam. Mayo, Thus. Layfield, John Townsend

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 20 January 1763
Recorded ? ? 1764
Liber B9, Folio 38

Wife: Easter Wallis - should give over to Hudson Low 100A of "Caldwel's Lot"

Asks that there be no administration of will.

Witnesses: Robert Jones, Mary Price, Dolley Macklues

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 22 January 1732
Recorded 17 March 1732/3
Liber 20, Folio 587

Wife: (unnamed) the upper half of dwelling plantation consisting of "Lower Wood", "Second Choice", "Henry's Enjoyment", and "Amity" during life plus 1/4 of personal estate absolutely.
Son: John - part of dwelling plantation, and priviledges in marsh-land bequeathed to 3 young sons: said son dying without issue to pass to 3 young sons and their heirs.
4 sons: John, Nehemiah, Philip and Levin - swamp called "Timber Grove"
3 young sons: Nehemiah, Philip and Levin residue of lands; should and son die without issue survivors to inherit portion of deceased; should all die then lands to go to John.
Daughter: Mary Jones - privileges in any lands sold to William and Daniel Jones
Children: Margaret, Mary, Ann, John, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Pricilla, Rebecca, Nehemiah, Philip, and Levin 20 pounds each
Coll. Levin Gale, George, John and Matthias Gale guardians to 3 youngest sons until they arrive at age of 21

Residue of estate to be divided among 12 children
Exs. Wife (unnamed) and son John

Witnesses: William Stoughton, John Leatherbury, William Jones, Thomas Bluett

NOTE: 17 March 1732/3 Mrs. Elenor Covington claims her third of personal estate.

PETER CAMBELL of Somerset County
Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 10 February 1708/9
Recorded 18 March 1708/9
Liber 12, Folio 245

Son: John and heirs - dwelling plantation and interest in "Ripley" at 21 years of age. He dying without issue then to pass to his 4 sisters, (unnamed), at 16 years of age.
Wife: Jennet, extx and children aforesaid, residue of estate
Overseer: Brother-in-law William Patten

Witnesses: Sarah Hennecy, Eliza: Bagally, Thos. Toole

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