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Transcript of Bill of Sale
Dorchester County Records

Bill of Sale
Dated 24 January 1816

The following transcription of a Bill of Sale from William MEDFORD to John RUMBOLD was probably
not recorded as I can not find any stamp or impression on this document.

Know all men by these presents that I William MEDFORD Sen of dorchester county and State
of Marryland for the consideration of the sum of one Hundred and thirty dollars current money to
me in hand payd by John RUMBOLD of Caroline County and State aforesaid the receipt whereof I do
hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold and delivered and by these presents do grant
bargain sell and deliver unto the said John RUMBOLD my Negro Boy caled Charles wich said
Boy Charles I will warrant and defend to the said John RUMBOLD his Executors administrators
and assigns against my Executors and administrators and against every other purson or persons
whomsoever In Witness where of I have hereunto set my name and affixed my Seal this 24th day of
January Eighteen Hundred Sixteen 

1816   in the presants of
Test  Arthur LOVEL                   Signed and Sealed  William MEDFORD
      Danl. JAMES

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