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Quaker Marriage Records


p. 44
Richard DAWSON and Susannah FOSTER of Dorchester County
At Transquaking 23 day 8 month 1698
Witnesses: John Foster                     John Ennals
               Henry Ennals                    Mary Ennals
               Daniel Cox                        Sarah Cox
               John Pitt                            Sarah Pitt
               John Kennerly                  Alec Kennerly
               Sarah Kennerly                 John Adkinson
               Thomas Adkinson             Francis Willis

p. 47
Edward FISHER and Francis WILLIS Relique of Richard WILLIS
At Tuckahoe Creek 8 Month 1699
Witnesses: No Family Names

p. 90
Joseph ADKINSON and Naomy WRIGHT
Near Fishing Creek 2nd day of April 1699
Witnesses: Wm. Stevens                    Jane Stevens
               Wm. Lockwell                    Mary Lockwell
               Joseph Kennerly                Joshua Kennerly
               Alec Kennerly                    Sarah Kennerly
               Joseph Thompson              Elizabeth Thompson
               Richard Dawson                 Sarah Cox
               Francis Willis

p. 95
Nehemiah BECKWITH and Francis TAYLOR
At Transquaking 10 July 1712
Witnesses: Francis Fisher                    Dorothy Taylor
               Elizabeth Taylor                   Eleanor Taylor
               John Stevens                        Ann Stevens
               Thomas Cannon                   Hugh Eccleston
               Richd. Dawson                     John Dawson
               John Foster                          Mary Foster

p. 97
William FOULKS, of Acamack in Virginia, and Mary FOSTER, Jr.
At Transquaking 2nd day of 6th month(August) 1704
Witnesses:Francis Fisher                  Martha Kennerly
               Daniel Cox                        Susanna Dawson
               John Foster                       Mary Foster
               Naomy Berry                    Thomas Foulks
               James Foulks

p. 99
Thomas CANNON and Betty COX
At Transquaking 14 May 1712
Witnesses: Daniel Cox                     Sarah Cox
               Sarah Cox, Jr.                  John Foster
               Mary Foster                    Joseph Kennerly
               Joshua Kennerly             Mary Kennerly

p. 100
John WILLIS and Margaret COX
At Transquaking 10 July 1712
Witnesses: Richd. Willis                    Thomas Cannon
               Betty Cannon                    Daniel Cox
               Sarah Cox                          Sarah Cox, Jr.
               Levin Hicks                       Thomas Hicks
               Thomas Hicks, Jr.             Joseph Kennerly
               Joshua Kennerly               Thomas Smith
               John Stevens                     Ann Stevens
               John Foster                        Mary Foster
               Wm. Foulks                        George Bowes
               Charles Dean                     Francis Fisher
               Francis Newton                  John Dawson

p. 110
Steve DURDEN of Talbot Co. and Mary Cox daughter of Daniel Cox of Dorchester County Deceased
At Transquaking 19 August 1719
Witnesses: Joseph Durden               Daniel Cox
               Ann Cox                            Thomas Cannon
               Betty Cannon                   John Foster
               Thomas Haywood            Sarah Haywood
               Joseph Kennerly             William Kennerly
               Wm. Hicks                       Margaret Willis
               John Wilson                     Robert Johns
               James Berry

p. 113
James FOOKES and Elizabeth KENNERLY
At Transquaking 3 July 1720
Witnesses: Joshua Kennerly                Wm. Fookes
               George Bowes                      Daniel Cox
               Ann Cox                                Francis Newton
               Thomas Cannon                    Betty Cannon
               Sarah Haywood                    John Foster
               Joseph Kennerly                  William Kennerly
               John Hudson                         Mary Hudson
               Nehemiah Beckwith             Thomas Brannock
               Levin Woolford                     Mary Woolford
               Mary Kennerly                     Martha Kennerly
               Sarah Kennerly                     Ester Kennerly
               Francis Fisher                       Edward Newton

p. 128
Daniel COX of Dorchester County and Ann POWELL of Talbot County
At Head of Third Haven Creek 3 March 1725
Witnesses: Thomas Atkinson               Sarah Kennerly
               Mary Kennerly                    James Daniel, Jr.
               Thomas Daniel                     Susanna Powell
               Sarah Powell                        Thomas Bartlet
               James Bartlet                      John Bartlet
               Margaret Bartlet                 Steve Durden
               Mary Durden


Quakerism on the Eastern Shore

by Kenneth Carroll

At Transquaking Meeting House
Joseph Kennerly and Mary Stevens, both of Dorchester County

William Penn WILLIS (son of Peter and Martha C. WILLIS) of Fowling Creek, Caroline County
Nellie GULLETT (daughter of Eli C. and Mary Penniwell GULLETT) Federalsburg, Caroline County
At the house of Margaret Ann Mowbray

Charles H. WILLIS (son of Peter and Martha WILLIS) Caroline County, Maryland
Flora M. NICHOLS (daughter of Nathan and Sarah NICHOLS) Belmont County, Ohio
At the home of her parents

Francis S. TODD (son of Bennet and Elizabeth M. TODD)
Annie WILLIS (daughter of Peter and Martha WILLIS) Fowling Creek, Caroline County, MD
At the house of Martha Willis

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