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  Willis Obituaries
       Zachariah Willis, Mary B. Willis
       Francis A. Willis, Sarah E. Willis
       Clara Willis
       Edwin R. Willis
       Harvey Hubbard Willis
       Frank Henry Willis
       L. Roy Willis, Sr.
       Richard P. Willis
       Harvey Howell Willis, Sr.
       Harvey Howell "Bill" Willis, Jr.
       Marion Willis Cassens
       Mary S. Willis
       Lelia Willis, Herbert Quillen Willis
       Hilda Penfold Gardner Willis
       Dr. Henry Noble Willis

  Hubbard Obituaries
       Jesse Hubbard
       Mary Rumbold Hubbard
       John Edward Hubbard
       Thomas Rumbold Hubbard
       Josephine Mason Watson Hubbard
       Mary Lucinda Hubbard Todd, Rev. R. A. Adams
       William Lemuel Hubbard
       Zebdial Potter Hubbard
       J. Harry Hubbard
       Mary Hubbard Garrison
       Anna Hubbard Watts


Home Page | Drawer One - Willis | Site Map

NOTE: The graphics used to create the borders on this page and elsewhere on this site were all found in a scrapbook created by my Grandmother, Hilda Penfold Gardner Willis, over a period of time from about 1905 - 1910. This scrapbook was made in an old Ready to Wear Clothing Catalog by Wanamaker and Brown of Philadelphia. Inside the front cover it says Spring and Summer 1900. All the actual pictures of clothing were removed and the pages used to paste pictures, and cutouts from cards that appealed to Grandmother. A lot of the items are ads from various products at the time.

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