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Richard Willis 1689
Richard Willis, Jr.
Richard Willis 1741
Richard Willace 1773
John Willis 1712
Andrew Willis

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 20 October 1689
Proved in Open Court 8 January 1689/90
Recorded in Dorchester Land Records
Liber 4 1/2-OLD, Folio 1

Wife: Francis
Son: Richard Willis - eldest gets 1st choice of land known as "Roadly" to be equally divided with his brother.
Son: John Willis - to share "Roadly" with his brother
If they die without lawful issue then land to daughter: Francis Willis

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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 18 September 1712
Recorded 24 November 1712
Dispute Filed 3 December 1712
Liber 14, Folio 12

Son: William Willis - all lands
Daughter: Grace Willis - personal estate plus lands if William dies with no issue
Daughter: Eliza Willis - personalty
Son: John Willis - 12 pence
Executors: William Jones and Rice Levena
Witnesses: Wm. Kirke and Wm. Jones

On 3 December 1712 John - the eldest son of the deceased filed a dispute to will stating that two more children were not mentioned in the will. These names were not mentioned. John stated that at the time of making will he did not believe his Father to be of sound mind. William Jones, one of the witnesses to will also appeared with John to substaniate his statement. On February 20, 1712/13 a letter was written to all interested parties to appear next April to give evidence as to condition of John (Father).

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RICHARD WILLIS, Jr. wheelwright of Dorchester County
Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 11 May 1737
Recorded 19 November 1737
Liber 21, Folio 814

Sister: Mary Willis made Executrix
Cousin: Edward Newton
Margaret Newton - daughter of Edward Newton
Witnesses: Richard Webster, Sr., Sarah Whaland, Anna Webster

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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 24 May 1733
Recorded 23 August 1738
Liber 21, Folio 918

Wife: Rebecca Willis
Son: Richard Willis
Son: George Willis
Son: John Willis
Son: William Willis
Son: Andrew Willis
Son: Thomas Willis
Daughter: Sarah Willis

Left land called "Newtown" to Richard and George to be divided equally, also livestock - then to son John if either one died.
He left a pewter plate to each child plus a feather bed and an iron pot to Richard.
Witnesses: Robert Johnson, Mary Carriwy, John Pritchett Fisher

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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 6 November 1741
Recorded 20 January 1741/42
Liber 22, Folio 439

Wife: Mary Willis
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Jolley
Willis Newton - no relationship stated

To wife Mary, extx, dwelling plantation. At her death to pass to Granddaughter Elizabeth Jolley and heirs, should she die w/o heirs this to pass to Willis, son of Edward Newton.

Witnesses: Thomas Smith, James Billings, Robert Jenkins

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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 4 June 1772
Recorded 13 October 1773
Liber 39, Folio 692

Wife: Rachel Willace
Daughter: Mary Meekins
Daughter: Elizabeth Willace
Daughter: Sarah Willace
Son: Richard Willace
Granddaughter: Nancy Meekins

Gave land called "Newtown" to daughter Mary Meekins, if she should die w/o heirs then returns to daughter Sarah. Gave daughter Elizabeth land called "Buttons Chance"

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