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Scan of Death record of Henriette CARIS - 20 August 1816
Scan of Death record of Henriette CARIS - 20 August 1816
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Loose Translation:
Number 22        DEATH CERTIFICATE
Henriette Caris
In the year 1816 the 21th of the month of August at 11 AM in the presents of Jéan Michel Engels, Mayor of the town of Helden, officer of the civil court, appeared these gentlemen Jéan Caris age 31 years, brother of the deceased, and Pierre Joosten, age 32 years, a neighbor of the deceased, farmers living at Helden, which they declare to me that on the 20th of the month of August in the year 1816 at 1 PM in the afternoon in the house #23 located in Heuvelhoek, died Henriette Caris age 40, unmarried female, living at Helden, daughter of Martin Caris and of Elisabeth Janssen married both deceased.
And both of the witnesses signed the certificate with me present, after I read to them the certificate.
J. Caris and P. Joosten                              JMEngels,Mayor

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