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Scan of Death record of André PEETERS - 8 November 1806
Scan of Death record of André PEETERS - 8 November 1806
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Loose Translation:
Number 47      Townhall of Helden
The 8th day of the month of November in the year 1806 of the French Republic
Death Certificate of André Peeters
deceased the 6th of the month in his home at 9 PM profession of (BLANK) age 76 years, born at Helden, District of Roermond living at Helden, Cornelia Knops his wife still living
son of Pierre Peeters and of Catharine Spelt both deceased
On the declaration made by this gentlemen Jacque Peeters 34 years old living at Helden, a tailor, who is said to know the deceased and by this gentlemen Simon Daemen, 51 yeard old, living at Helden, farmer, who is said to know the deceased. And after being informed they both placed their signatures with me the Mayor.
I hereby certify that I André Michel Hendrix Mayor of Helden functioning as a public official of the civil state place my signature below
Jacobus Peeters and S. Damen                               Hendrix

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