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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 14 Jan 1829
Recorded 12 May 1829
Liber WAF-A Folio 59

Clement Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Clement

Witnesses:James Gray, Sally Henry, and William Wicket

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 12 July 1801
Recorded 12 Jan. 1808
Liber JR-C Folio 129

George Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Daughters: Nancy and Jane - tract of land called "Friendship" also land in Kent County, Delaware

Daughter: Mary Pierson North - tract of land called "Punch Hall" in Caroline County.
Daughter: Abegal
Daughter: Margaret
Sons: William Smith Turner
             Samuel Berens Turner
             Jessee Turner all together a tract of land called "Molly's Desire" 604 acres

Wife: Mileah (Molliah?)

Witnesses: Vincent Dehorty, Josiah Leach, Holliday Smith, and Alie Leach

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 30 Dec. 1796
Recorded 7 Jan. 1797
Liber JR-B Folio 374

Henry Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Son: Thomas - 2 shillings total
Grandson: William - 20 shillings total
Granddaughter: Elizabeth - 20 shillings total
Grandson: Henry White Turner - 2 shillings total
Daughter: Leuritia Blades (John Blades) - 5 shillings total
Leuritia's 4 children received 3 pounds each

Daughters: Sally and Peggy Turner received all rest of estate as listed:
             Tract of land called "Bank of Pleasure"
             Tract of land called "Turners Discovery"
             Tract of land called "Willis's Luck" deeded from Joshua Willis, Sr.

Witnesses: James Harrington, William Everngam, Joshua Lucas, and John Caulk

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 20 April (1709 ?)
Recorded 16 May (1709 ?)
Liber CC-A Folio 10

Thomas Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Wife: Mary Turner
Son: Henry Turner
Daughter: Sarah Turner

Gave Henry 2 tracts of land 100 acres total in Dorchester County called "Bank of Pleasure"

Gave daughter tract of land 150 acres called "Ringwood" she was to give 50 acres of land to his servant Imanuwell

His wife was to have Plantation dwelling and 250 acres of land lying on "Cohiacashis?" Creek

She was apparently carrying a child as it was left 100 acres of land called "Doncaster". This land and Mary's land was adjoined to land owned by Edward "Novar??"

Witnesses: Joseph Blackwell, Thomas Taylor, and Robert Moore

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 25 June 1804
Recorded 16 May 1805
Liber JR-C Folio 82

Thomas Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

In the name of God amen I Thomas Turner of Caroline County being very on well in body but of sound an perfect memory thanks be to God for the same. I doe apoint an ordain this to be my last will an testament revoking all others lett them be of (?) tennor an date so ever,

Imprimus first ~ I give and bequeath my soul to almighty god my maker from whom I had it hoo seing through the meritts of our savior Jesus Christ our Redemour to obtain everlasting hapiness ab my body to be buried in decent an Christian manner an form.

Secondly ~ I give an bequeath unto my son Garrison Turner the plantation where Able Griffith now lives, the two tracts called or known by the names of "Banks of Pleasure" and "Rymold" an all that joins them to be equally divided between Thoms an Garrison an Thomas an Garrison to pay Henry an Enock an John an Jems one hundred pounds specie apiece which is four hundred pounds to the four boys, to the four boys as they come to the age of twenty one years old. If so be Thomas or Garrison dise without any heirs there for the youngest boy to take it an pay the other boys two hundred pounds. An to my son Thomas Turner one hors briddle an saddle an this to be the boys full share of my Estate, An my close to be divided between Thomas an Garrison an the rest of my estate to be equally divided amung my garls Lucrisha an Maryan an Saryan an An.

Lastly my will is that my dere an loven wife An Turner shall be whole and sole Executrix of my last will and testament, as witness my hand an seal this 25th day of June 1804.

Thomas Turner Seal

Signed, Sealed in the Presents of Richard Andrew, Sen'r (Ann's father), Eli Sparkling (Ann's nephew), Delihay "X" Sparkling(Ann's nephew)

Caroline County to wit; the 16th May 1805
Then came Ann Turner the Executrix of ...Thomas Turner...dec'd...


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Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 21 Sept 1849
Recorded 25 Sept. 1849
Liber WAF-A Folio 431

Thomas A. Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Sister: Mary F. Rich
Brother: William
Sister: Margaret Ann
Sister: Elizabeth Ellen
Sister: Rebecca Ann (Samuel Betts)

Witnesses: Wm. Galon, Henry Roupet, and Jas. Hopkins

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 22 Jan. 1810
Recorded 18 Sept 1810
Liber JR-C Folio 166

William Smith Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Sister: Jane Manlove (James Manlove)
Brother: Jessee Turner
Mother: Mileah Turner - all his lands
Niece: Hester Pratt Turner
Nephew: George Edward Fountain
Sister: Margaret Turner

Witnesses: Gove Saulsbury, Elijah Oldfield, and Mary Parn

Abstract of Last Will and Testament
Made 25 Nov. 1839
Recorded 12 March 1845
Liber WAF-A Folio 336

William Turner of Caroline County, Maryland

Wife: Harriet - lot of John A. Sanger store in Greensboro
Grandson: Carroll Smith
Grandson: Marion Smith
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Ann Smith
Daughter: Mary Rich
Son: Thomas A.
Son: James E.
Son: William
Daughter: Rebecca Ann Betts (John Betts)

Witnesses: Clement Fowler, Jas. Hopkins, Valentine Carter

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