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Abstracts from Patent Certificates For Tracts mentioned in Caroline County Land Deeds

Friendship Regulated

Andrew Willis
1st Survey - 6 April 1754
Patent - 23 Sept. 1760, containing 113 acres
Originally called Friendship and belonged to Thomas Hackett - contained 70 acres and was patented 20 July 1734 near Catarins Creek.

Friendship Regulated Resurveyed

Andrew Willis
Resurvey - 10 Nov. 1763
Patent - 23 March 1764 contains 304 acres

Willis's Venture

James Willis
Survey - 19 Aug. 1767
Patent - 4 Nov. 1769 contains 100 acres
This is a resurvey of "Lowe's Lott" - original patent 4 Aug. 1757 for Isaac Lowe - located on the east side of the north west fork of Nanticoke River.

Willis's Right

John Willis
Survey - 28 Nov. 1723
Patent - 5 July 1726 containing 50 acres
William Edmondson signed over rights for 50 acres from his warrant 28 Oct. 1723 - located on the south side of Great Choptank River and on west side of main road that leads from Hunting Creek mill to the Parson's Landing

Willis's Regulation

John Willis
Survey - 14 Oct. 1736
Patent - 21 Oct. 1743 containing 111 acres
Resurvey of "Willis's Right" and "Sharps Prosperity" on the south side of head of Marshy Creek Branch - added 11 acres of vacant land and called whole group "Willis's Regulation"

Willis's Luck

Joshua Willis
Survey - 1 Dec. 1763
Patent - 29 Sept. 1765 containing 229 1/2 acres
Originally called "Squires Chance" for John Squire - located on the south- east side of north- east branch of Hunting Creek.

Willis's Landing

Joshua Willis
Survey 20 April 1793
Patent - 14 May 1805 containing 7 1/2 acres
Patent made out to Elizabeth Everingham, Joshua Willis, Francis Baker, Deborah Lucas, Charles Willis, Peter Willis, Thomas Willis, James Willis, John Willis, Annaritta Fleming's heirs - Mary Fleming and Robert Fleming because Joshua died intestate. Located on the east side of main road that leads from Lower Hunting Creek Mill to the Upper Mill.

Addition to Willis's Landing

Joshua Willis
Survey - 30 April 1793 containing 69 3/4 acres
From Deposition of Captain William Haskins aged 38 on 5 Nov. 1804 -
Joshua Willis deceased did devise to his son Charles Willis

Children of Joshua Willis
  1. Elizabeth Evingham - wife of William Evingham
  2. Joshua Willis
  3. Francis Baker - wife of Charles Baker
  4. Deborough Lucas - wife of Joshua Lucas Charles Willis
  5. Peter Willis
  6. Thomas Willis
  7. James Willis
  8. John Willis
  9. Annaritta Fleming - wife of Sylas Fleming
  10. Mary Willis

These are the only children of Joshua Willis at his decease, now 2 sons - Charles and Thomas deceased and left no issue. Both Annaritta and Sylas Fleming deceased - 2 children viz. Mary Fleming and Robert Fleming.

Also includes deposition of James Willis, son of Joshua Willis, which stated the same facts.

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